This 2019 ET’s Travel Blog 2.0 is an update to my original blog which crashed two years ago. I am in the process of saving and migrating whatever possible to this new site. Please bear with me during this process.

Elisabeth and David


A Brief History and Background of Myself

My life is teaching, my love is traveling.  Ever since childhood have I ventured as far as I could to experience other places, other people, other customs.  All along people were worried about me.  But my history is good:  I have come back safe and sound from everywhere.  From hitch-hiking across Eastern Europe deep into the old Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s; from India, China, or Peru.  From Pakistan, too - even though this was the time Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007 and the country was in turmoil.

My background is art history.  As people in my field know - one has to see the real thing to put all the book learning into perspective.  Ever since I started teaching, my travels have been the back-bone of my classes and the starting point for many public lectures.  I love sharing my experiences and I love connecting the art and history of the past with people's lives of today.   I love to bring the world to my students as so many of us can not travel the way I have been privileged to do.

To blog was my son’s idea in order to help my friends and family to connect with me while I am on the road.   I started this blog about 10 years ago (2009). Every year I have added to it. I am counting my blessings and hope to be able travel until my last breath.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Just in case I will get homesick, I posted a picture here of Silver Lake, right outside our home in Pinckney.

Many, many thanks to David, my partner in life.  I know these times of prolonged absences are not easy.  Thanks for your generosity, for taking care of the house, and for not worrying about me. 

I will miss your hugs!  ET